• Seedling of your brand

    Business success

    starts with the seed of your brand.

  • Making brand stronger

    Watering & weeding,

    makes your brand stronger.

  • Reap the bounty of my experience

    Reap the bounty

    of my experience in helping grow your brand.

Graphic Design StudioAbout Tracy Wampler

My best ideas usually come to meWhile Gardening

As long as I have been a graphic designer, I have been gardening. Organically. The discipline required to garden in this way - planning, planting carefully, finding ways to solve the problems of airborne and earthbound pests, weeding out by hand what takes away nourishment from things that I want to grow - all these processes are similar to what I go through when I take the seed of an idea and grow it into a your brand or advertising / marketing message.

From the seeds you plant with me, I grow your brand and messages organically. There are no short-cuts taken when I am designing, and nothing caustic about my design process. I truly believe the end results are more attractive and compelling. I think you will, too.


Tracy Wampler DesignMy Creative services

Logos / Branding

I create logos, exterior and interior sign designs, corporate identity materials and collateral, package designs, labels, bags and more, all to help grow your brand.

Digital Signage

My digital sign displays are monitors that grow your business, a cost-effective way to inform, entertain and delight your customers while also selling your products or services.

Web Design & Graphics

A website is now the primary way most businesses cultivate customers, and my responsive web designs are intuitive, easy to navigate, attractive and compelling.

Advertising Design

Whether for print, online or television / video, I create advertising graphics that stand out from the hundreds of others people see every day, get noticed and say “Pick me!”

Print / Graphic Design

From business cards to brochures to banner ads, labels to large-scale vehicle wraps, my graphic designs sow the seeds of your success in all printed formats.

What I doGraphic Design PROJECTS

Here are samples of my work including logos,
branding elements, direct mail, websites, digital signage, banners, packaging, video graphics, vehicle wraps and more.

Logo and branding for Beckonings
Logos / branding & more
Logo for Medicine World and Holistic Health Center
Digital Signs & more
Responsive website for N'awlins Grille
Responsive Website Design
Logo for Clark and Lavey
Advertising design & more
Logo for Resona by Burkart
Print/ Graphic Design